Friday, August 3, 2012

Space Challenge!


Just wanted to let everyone know that Space Challenge is going strong! The CamRover Challenge is moving into high gear with the upcoming selection of this years leaders. Also, we have updated the website with information about the upcoming Space Challenge Convention 2012!

Friday, December 10, 2010

About, The Space Show!

Disclaimer: The views and comments below are not of Civilian Space Access but rather my own personal comments about my interactions and posts on The Space Show hosted by Dr. David Livingston and The Space Show Blog.


I feel I have to make these comments due to issues that arisen with The Space Show and The Space Show Blog. They are both great, but issues has arisen that I must comment on and clearly state my view on.

I have been listening to The Space Show so long I cannot remember when I started. And, I have interacted with the show and have been asked to be on the show, but I feel because of the controversial nature of my work it would be inappropriate to be a guest on the show.

I have made blog posts on The Space Show Blog as of late and I was contacted by Dr. D. and told that my posts and interactions with The Space Show along with others was beginning to disrupt the show and he was receiving complaints. So many that he was going to close down the Open Lines Shows on The Space Show, and close down The Space Show Blog. I agree with Dr. D. and due to this I will no longer be interacting with The Space Show or posting comments on The Space Show Blog. I enjoy the show and blog, but both have become to volatile for my continued participation.

I wish the Space Community could get together and not be soooooo combative, the Space Community needs to unite, not disintegrate on re-entry (We are at the beginning of the CIVILIAN spaceage and I fear that if we do not learn how to get along, we ARE doomed to fail in our endeavors to become spacefairing.)

The Space Show and The Space Show Blog are GREAT! I will continue to listen in and read the blog.....and hope that the listeners and posters will unite to help bring about the vision of THE SPACE SHOW!

Sincerely Yours,
Terry W. Wheelock PdD.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The World's First Operational Civilian Spaceport!


Well it is Official! South Texas Spaceport is "The World's First Operational Civilian Spaceport!" Beginning July 1, 2009 launch operations will commence on a weekly bases. The main focus will be vehicle testing and development of a international rocketry launch program. The spaceport is capable of handling small personal rockets all the way upto suborbital vehicles, at this time. In the future as development progresses orbital services will be included.

A launch schedule will be coming in the near future, so if you would like to watch a launch, they will always be open to viewing by the public.....from a safe distance of course!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Rocketry Regulations!


Well they are out and OUT OF DATE already! While I applaud the FAA's effort to update the regulations pertaining to personal rocketry in America, they miss the boat once again!

  1. The new regulations terminology is patently offensive to Rocketeers! The only thing amateur about rocketry is the individuals who wrote the regulations. Rocketeers are no more amateurs than NASA but.....that is also another subject!
  2. The new regulations do not develop a clear pathway from no rocketry to building and flying manned space vehicles! They are organizational and consumer rocketry oriented instead of individual oriented!
  3. The new regulations were developed under the saying: "To Dictate and Endanger!" When the purpose of having organization (government) is summed up in five words: "To Serve and To Protect!" What this means is: To Serve = create the environment, infrastructure, and organization for the individual to have the most freedom in the pursuit of happiness (rocketry), and To Protect = create the minimum, practical, and functional environment, infrastructure, and organization that protects persons and property from damage.
  4. The new regulations leave loopholes or gaps in scope and vision that put persons and the public at risk and in danger! Parts of the new regulations that the FAA has created do not have policies to cover them yet, but are deliberately designed to hinder or block individuals by creating a path to accomplishment that is impossible to achieve because it would fatigue the individual with the bureaucracy.
  5. The new regulations were developed by a process by which to comment or become involved in developing the new regulations was only limited to certain individuals that the FAA wanted to be involved with. I have been asking for AT LEAST ten years to comment on and be involved with updating the regulation, and never was contacted or informed!
  6. The new regulations block an individuals freedom of association with other Rocketeers around the world!
  7. The new regulations open the door for KNOWN individuals in the FAA to abuse the new policies on information requirements, to spy on certain individuals, block the individuals attempts to pursue their rocketry goals.
  8. The new regulations are written in such a way that makes laws respective of certain religious beliefs and not inclusive of all religious beliefs. They discriminate on the bases of religion!

Well, I could go on and will.....looks like it is the FAA's turn at a lawsuit like the BATFE is in with rocketry! Another bunch of amateurs creating regulations with NO CLUE as to what they are doing!

I have no problem with safety and organization, the government should NEVER SAY NO, but rather say OK, how can we help you DO THIS SAFELY! It is all in the approach......and their approach SUCKS, they are the AMATEURS!

Join the Universal Rocketry Association and let's HELP the FAA develop some guidelines with vision and inclusion!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

"In Honor of Evel!" Back to the Canyon!


This is off the subject of Civilian Space Access, but related to Civilian Rocketry! I have been planning and working on a project for about 20 years now and it is time to make it happen! The project is "In Honor of Evel!" Back to the Canyon!™ I plan to jump the Snake River Canyon in a vehicle called the X-3 SkyCycle!™ Yes we are going to honor Evel Knievel, Twin Falls Idaho, and Finish what Evel Started!

Plans had been made to perform this jump with Evel in attendance, but sadly Evel has past on. Evel attempted to jump the Snake River Canyon on Sept 8, 1974, but due to a mechanical malfunction and wind conditions he did not make it! He gave his word and did what he said, but was robbed of success and lucky to live through it! I am sure he will be there and be our copilot!

Two other individuals are also planning an attempt at this time, Robbie Knievel (of course which is only fitting) and Michael Hughes (although he has chosen to jump the Colorado river at Lake Havasu, AZ) So the race is on to see who will be the first! Then who will go to Infinity and Beyond.....!

I have posted a short video teaser on YouTube! Search for "In Honor of Evel!"